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Welcome to CrossLine Transportation Sevices, LLC

CrossLine Transportation Services, LLC is offering a turnkey business opportunity to individuals who desire to own their own Trucking Company but don’t have the operating capital (money) or the experience in the trucking industry to get started. CrossLine offers services ranging from brokering, dispatching, factoring, fuel cards, or just getting started.

Take advantage of Crossline’s team of partnerships designed to enhance your profitability.

· Customer/Broker:

Need to post a load you want delivered fast and on time? Become a Customer and simply login to request a truck or receive a rate quote.

· Current Owner Operator with your Own Authority?:

One of the greatest freedoms in the trucking industry is operating under your own Authority, it’s many driver’s dream. BUT, developing a customer base and getting paid for your service can be a struggle. Join the CrossLine carrier group and cash in on the security the big companies offer while still maintaining your independence. Login and learn more about our services.

· Want to Become an Independent Owner Operator?:

Need Your Own Authority? Are you currently a Lease Operator with one of “those” big companies?? Are you realizing what they offered you doesn’t include having control in managing your business? CrossLine offers a step-by-step program to operating your own Authority. Login and learn more!

CrossLine Transportation Services, LLC.
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